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Phase To Phase specializes in the commissioning of new substation equipment. This includes transformers, circuit breakers, their protective relays and circuits, and all auxiliary equipment including current and potential transformers, disconnects, etc. We cover the entire life cycle of a project, beginning with a thorough review of the prints prior to arriving on site, to the end when final in service readings are taken, reviewed, and verified, to the publication of the final report and submission of field marked drawings. We keep the crews safe while working in the substation by ensuring all work being performed is within our clearance. We review switching requests to ensure the proper equipment is scheduled to be removed from service to allow said work to be performed. We communicate purposely and effectively with all members of the project including the project manager, system protection engineers, representatives from the utility, area supervisors, electricians, etc. Our primary focus during these projects is to work safe and to return to the customer a product without any incident. 

Maintaining good client relations is paramount.

Phase To Phase offers skilled professionals & high quality services in the electrical testing and commissioning industry. 

We pride ourselves on providing and executing exceptional work putting safety and the needs of our customers first. It is the work ethic, years of experience and knowledge of our employees who make Phase To Phase what it is.


"We support the installation of substation equipment through years of proven experience."

  • Ensures work is performed safely
  • Identify potential hazards
  • Confirm scope of work
  • Verify/Request Equipment Outages
  • Creating/reviewing isolation plans prior to equipment outages
  • Supervise and manage testing personnel
  • Oversee Trip & Functional Checks


"Testing new relaying, their protection circuits,

and the important equipment they protect."

  • Perform acceptance and maintenance testing of relays transformers, circuit breakers, and other substation apparatus
  • Function testing new circuits
  • Comfortable reading prints
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